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Bayerisches Brauer-Journal (Bavarian Brewers' Journal)

Bavarian Brewers' Journal, 26th of September 1904Bavarian Brewers' Journal, 26th of September 1904

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The Bavarian Brewers' Journal was published from 1891 to 1919, first edited by the Versuchsstation für Bierbrauerei (research centre for beer brewing) in Nuremberg, and from 1904 by the Bayerisches Gewerbemuseum (Bavarian trade museum) in Nuremberg. The journal addressed questions of brewing technology and of growing hop and barley.

Place and duration of publication, editor

The "Bayerisches Brauer-Journal, Zeitschrift für Brauerei und Mälzerei" (journal for brewing and malting) was published weekly from 1891 to 1919. It was the official organ of the research centre for beer brewing in Nuremberg and the organ of the Bayerischer Brauerbund (Bavarian brewers' association). In the beginning the journal was edited by the board of directors of the research centre, chaired by Eugen Prior. In 1904 the Bavarian trade museum in Nuremberg took over the research centre and consequently also the publication of the brewers' journal.
In 1919 the brewers' journal was renamed "Bayerische Brauer-Nachrichten: Zeitschrift für Deutschlands Brauereien und Mälzereien" (Bavarian brewers' news: journal for Germany' s breweries and malt houses) and was published as the official organ of the German brewers' association, the Bavarian brewers' association and the Württembergian brewers' association. It was published by the publishing house of the "Fränkischer Kurier" (Franconian courier) in Nuremberg.

Content and importance

The brewers' journal developed from the monthly reports that were self-published by the research centre. The editorial part was intended to inform the reader through the objectiveness and integrity of the generally understandable original articles and reports. Therefore the journal initially ruled out the publication of advertisements. In addition, official announcements and reports about the work of the research centre were published. In contrast to the monthly reports the brewers' journal contained articles about patents and zymotechnology (fermentation technology) and zymotechnical analysis. In the second year of publication the growing of hop and of malting barley were adopted as topics of the brewers' journal, since the readers also ran agricultural enterprises in addition to the breweries.

User Information

The digitised Bavarian brewers' journal was published in a browsing version, with links to the subject registers and the author registers (starting with volume 12) in the left menu bar.

Project Information

The Bavarian brewers' journal was retro-digitised in April 2007 within the framework of collection-conservation measures in the Munich Digitisation Centre of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich. The digital copy was published in the Bayerische Landesbibliothek Online in June 2009..

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