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Eckher von Kapfing und Liechteneck, Johann Franz: Book of tombstones

Book of tombstones, vol. 2, fol.2Book of tombstones, vol. 2, fol.2ger

Johann Franz Eckher von Kapfing und Liechteneck (1649 to 1727) became known as an industrious collector of genealogical materials. Following his election to Prince-Bishop of Freising (1695) he no longer had the time to work on the projects he was interested in on his own, for which reason he increasingly delegated work. He primarily entrusted Johann Michael von Prey zu Straßkirchen (1690 to 1747) with this historical and genealogical research, whom he had employed in 1713 as privy and chamber counsellor and archivist.

The famous Grabsteinbuch (Book of tombstones) was probably written during this time of cooperation. It is an inventory of more than 2,000 gravestones in four volumes on 391 sheets, which was compiled out of historiographic interest. Even if this collection partly overlaps with Wolfgang Schaumberger's (1689 to 1721) Centones stemmatographici (Cgm 2273) collected by order of the prince bishop, the special regional-historical value of the work is based on the fact that it documents numerous monuments that no longer exist today, at least not in the original.


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