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Historischer Atlas von Bayern (HAB Historical Atlas of Bavaria)

habHistorical Atlas of Bavariazur deutschen Fassung

The historical atlas of Bavaria is a historical-topographical description of Bavaria, documenting the ownership-, government- and administrative structures of the whole region from the middle ages up to the present by means of detailed statistics and cartographic material.

The atlas is edited and issued in individual volumes. Concerning the Old Bavarian regions (administrative districts of Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate) the volumes are structured in accordance with the old division into regional court districts (valid around 1800), and concerning the districts of Swabia and Franconia, the volumes are structured according to the new organisation of rural districts (Landkreise), valid up to 1972.

In 1948 the Kommission für bayerische Landesgeschichte (Committee for Bavarian Regional History) took over the publication of the "Historischer Atlas von Bayern" (Historical Atlas of Bavaria) from an association founded already in 1906. The majority of Bavaria has already been processed, the regions which are still missing are in preparation.

The online edition of the HAB


How to use

The maps contained in the historical atlas are provided in the form of images with a zoom function.

About the Project

The out-of-print volumes of the Historical Atlas, including the coloured maps and images, are made available free of charge by the Digitisation Centre of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in cooperation with the Kommission für bayerische Landesgeschichte.



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