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Manuscript Fragments of the Dillingen Research Library

dillingerhsFragment 13ger

The Studienbibliothek Dillingen holds a total of 488 manuscripts in the Latin and the German language, among them 94 medieval manuscripts, the two earliest of which date back to the 12th century. The collection furthermore encompasses the only surviving account book of a 15th-century printer in the German language area, namely the account book of Peter Drach (XV 488).

The Studienbibliothek also holds an important collection of 28 fragments detached from incunabula and early printed books of the library. Among these fragments 13 specimens date back to the 8th and 9th century, i. a. a fragment of a manuscript with medical texts (XV Fragm. 24a) discovered only recently. A fragment of the Old Alemannic translation of the psalms (XV Fragm. 3), a sheet from the "Jenaer Liederhandschrift" (Jena song manuscript) with verses from the "Wartburgkrieg" (minstrels' contest at castle Wartburg; XV Fragm. 19), parts of "Willehalm" by Wolfram von Eschenbach (XV Fragm. 23) and of "Tristan" by Gottfried von Straßburg (XV Fragm. 25) are of interest to German philologists.

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