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Historical Encyclopaedia of Bavaria

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Historical Encyclopaedia of Bavaria Historical Encyclopaedia

The Historisches Lexikon Bayerns (Historical Encyclopaedia of Bavaria) is a scholarly online encyclopaedia on Bavarian history. It is continuously expanded. The current project phase focuses on processing subject terms from the times of the Weimar republic. For reasons of content, numerous articles also treat longer periods of time.The next epochs of particular interest, the late middle ages and contemporary history from 1945 onward, are in preparation. The encyclopaedia adds a reference work on subject headings to the biographic and geographical database of the Bayerische Landesbibliothek Online (BLO).

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What is the objective of the Historisches Lexikon Bayerns?

The Historisches Lexikon Bayerns makes scientifically substantiated information on the history of Bavaria available Its target group is the academic public, but also journalists, local historians, history workshops, teachers and students. To enable an optimal use of the facilities of the Internet, the authors are provided with a user-friendly input mask for inputting their articles. The input mask was developed by the Department Digitale Bibliothek (Digital Library) of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

What are the contents of the Historisches Lexikon Bayerns?

The encyclopaedia comprises:

  • Articles on topics of the history of Bavaria. By way of initial information, the user is provided with an abstract summing up the most important pieces of information. The abstract is followed by the article itself, giving a more detailed account of the topic. All key words on which reliable information is already offered on the Internet are treated in the form of an abstract only. All articles are regularly updated.
  • Important documents on Bavarian history (texts, maps, images, sound documents),
  • recommendations for further reading and corresponding bibliographic data, as well as
  • links to internal and external online resources.