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Tradition book and cartulary (BayHStA HL Freising 1)

codextraditionumBishop Veit Adam Gepeckh (fol. 209)

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This large-sized Traditionsbuch comprises 209 folia. It was assembled at the end of the fourteenth century in the Freising scriptorium as a Kopialbuch and written in several phases of varying lengths. The Traditionsbuch of Conrad Sacristan (HL Freising 3c) was the model and the source for both the text and the use of illuminations. The initials alternate in bright blue and dark red and are executed with their own, uncompleted sections - as on folios 14v, 110, 149v-150v, 167. This shows that in the late middle ages the Kopialbuch apparently was not used. In contrast to the work of Conrad Sacristan, the illuminations here were not drafted parallel to the accompanying text, for the representations of bishops and lords, except for a very few at the beginning, stem from the early modern and baroque periods. On the other hand, the late compilation and illumination of this codex demonstrates well the lasting influence of the Traditionsbuch of Conrad Sacristan in the Freising scriptorium. The texts of the property conveyances of this late medieval Kopialbuch were partly recast. For example, some from the time of Duke Tassilo III are stylized according to the scheme of later royal charters.

Besides the Traditionsbuch, the codex contains on folio 189 the Traditio Ollern in Austria, a confirmation of Emperor Henry III concerning the donation of the curtis Alarun to Freising by his father Konrad II (cf. the digital MGH-Edition: MGH DKO. II 195 and MGH D H.III 30), a epitaph for Bishoph Otto I. (fol. 198) as well as copies of the important privilege to the bridge, the bridge toll, the market and the mint in Föhring granted by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa to Freising in 1180 (folios 202v-203, cf. MGH DDF. I. 798). Furthermore, the chronological record of the fire at the Freising cathedral mount (folio 199) appears in conjunction with a copy on folios 201-202v of Emperor Frederick I's Constitutio contra incendarios of December 29, 1186 (MGH Const. I, 318).

An important episcopal list is found at the end of the codex. This record, which was continually kept on folio 207 to 209, comprises of several entries with contributions from 1381 to 1651, the year Bishop Veit Adam of Gepeckh died. Accompanying the short biographical texts to the individual persons are colorful portraits of the Bishops.

Adelheid Krah (IÖG, Universität Wien)
Translated by Hans Hummer (Wayne State University)