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Freising Manuscripts (Traditionsbücher, cartularies, urbaria and accounting books)

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Freising Manuscripts (Traditionsbücher, cartularies, urbaria and accounting books) Manuscripts

A "Traditionsbuch" (tradition book) is a register book of a monastery or of a bishopric (prince-bishopric), primarily used in the region of southern Germany and the Alps, in which all property acquired by this institution was entered in the form of "Traditionsnotizen" (tradition notes). Traditionsbücher serve to document property ownership and transactions of goods, but also the transfer of persons to the ecclesiastical institutions (so-called liber censualium). Extensive collections of copies of deeds have been known since the early middle ages, e.g. the Traditionsbücher of the bishops of Freising.

Later on, further official register books (cartularies, urbaria) were introduced. The Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv (Bavaria Main Public Archives) holds numerous valuable medieval Traditionsbücher. The majority of the collections was acquired by the state during the secularisation in the 19th century and today doubtlessly forms part of the most important sources on the early and high medieval history of Old Bavaria. The digitisation of the Traditionsbücher was started in 2006. A selection of the most important items is made available in digital form here.


The manuscripts


The Cozroh Codex
Signature: HL Freising 3a

Codex traditionum et commutationum
Signature: HL Freising 3b

Codex of Conrad Sacristan (1187)
Signature: HL Freising 3c

Liber...Censualium (1187)
Signature: HL Freising 6

Codex traditionum ecclesiae Frisingensis a tempore Tassilonis ducis usque ad annum 1651
Signature: HL Freising 1

Traditionen und Statuten der Kirche zu Freising
Signature: HL Freising 3

Kopialbuch und Urbar des Hochstifts Freising
Signature: HL Freising 4

Salbuch des Hochstiftes Freising
Signature: HL Freising 7

Alphabetisches Namensregister zu HL Freising 7 (nach Ämtern und nach Orten)
Signature: HL Freising 7a

Abrechnungsbuch der Freisinger Beamten in Österreich und Kärnten
Signature: HL Freising 69

Urbar des Hochstifts Freising über seinen Besitz in Österreich
Signature: HL Freising 541


The Editions



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Description of the Project

"Freising Manuscripts" ist a project of the Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv and the Bayerische Landesbibliothek Online in cooperation with the Institut für Geschichte - Universität Wien and the  Institut für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung.


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